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What is the Relationship Between Order Object and Opportunity and Quote Objects?

Knowledge Article Number 000193138
Description How does this object relate to the Opportunity and Quote objects?  It appears to be independent.
Resolution Currently, the objects are independent and Orders does not relate to Opportunities or Quotes.  

In contrast to an Opportunity, the Order represents the actual sale/purchase.  There could be multiple Orders per Opportunity or Quote depending on your business requirements.  You may also receive Orders from an external e-commerce system.  By creating a separate Order with Order Products, you can integrate this object with your back-office / ERP and track the status of the Order as it is fulfilled/provisioned after the sale.  You could also track additional fields on the Order / Order Product as needed by operations for processing.

You can have an additional overview of your Sales Objects with the following diagram: Sales Objects or you could use Schema Builder to understand the relationship between your Objects.


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