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Why do I need to refresh the console to see updates in VF page?

Knowledge Article Number 000193140
Description Scenario-
- User is using custom service console
- In one of the iframes (say console component A) , he is using Ajax to update a field on a record.
- In another iframe (say console component B), he is using VisualForce field that shows the same field.

When user updates the field in console component B, he doesn't see the same field being updated in VF page displayed in console component A. Instead the VF page shows the old snapshot of the record. 
Screenshots below describe the issue.

Note" This doesn't happen if you update the "Case Status" field on the case record itself and hit "Save" to save the changes.

User-added image

User-added image
Resolution This is working as designed. We should refresh the console to see the changes in the VF page.
"Change Status" action in this case is using Ajax. So, tab is not refreshed. This behavior occurs due to ajax.

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