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Chatter Link to View/Comment from Email Notification directs to Community Page

Knowledge Article Number 000193175
Description Chatter posts, comments and @mentions send email notification. Clicking on the View/Comment directs the user to the Community Login instead of directing to the internal org.

This could happen if:
Window 1: You are logged in to your main org. 
Window 2: In a separate window but the same browser, you logged in to your community. 
You replied to a chatter post using Window 1. Remember that your last login is Window 2 which means browser recognizes that you are in Community. 
Even if you are sending the reply from Window 1 which is the main org, it still using your Community credentials. 
Result: When Another user reply to your comment, the link will direct to community login. 

This can also happen if the @mentioned user is a part of the community but has not set to chatter notifications for internal chatter posts.

Solution: Make sure to use different browsers to login to internal org and Community. This way the browser won't apply your last login and assume that you are still in community. User should also ensure that they enable notification for internal chatter posts as well.

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