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Salesforce1 - Incorrect field/s showing on List Views

Knowledge Article Number 000193197
Description Why am I seeing the 'wrong' fields displayed on Salesforce1 object home page list views? 
i.e. click on Account | select All Accounts - expected default behavior would be the 'Name' field shown.
If a user is seeing unexpected object fields being displayed on object list views when viewing via the Salesforce1 client application, this is most likely due to an altered Search Layout.

i.e. seeing Account ID instead on Account Name.
Account search layout has Account ID as the first field in search layout and hybrid app displays the first 2 fields in the search layout.
The browser UI ( only displays Name field and is not driven by search layout. 

To Resolve this, please move necessary fields to the first field in search layout for particular object.

Please refer to this article to Customize Search Layouts


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