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LMA: why do I see inconsistent count of package license

Knowledge Article Number 000193267
Description In a subscriber org where a managed package is installed and limited # of licenses are granted via LMA, we are seeing inconsistent license count, eg allowed 6, using 6, but we can only see 5 users assigned with package license, as shown below:

User-added image

So where is the other license used?

Resolution The other license should be used by site guest user.

Go to Setup || Develop || Sites || clicking on the site name and then into the public access settings to see the license assigned to the user created for this.

It is not visible from the normal manage users menu. 

User-added image

There is an idea on this: 
Allow to assign LMA User License to Sites Guest User 

"Perhaps this Idea should instead by altered to make Guest Users work like every other user. Not only can't you add them where you expect, confusion is created when it says 10 licenses are consumed by there are only 9 users displayed." 


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