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"Last Modified By" shows as a User without the "Customize Application" Permission for a Field Dependency

Knowledge Article Number 000193285
Description System administrators sometimes see the "Last Modified by" as a user that doesn't have the "customize application" permission for a Picklist Field or Field Dependency.

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This is considered working as designed as the Field Dependency itself doesn't actually track the "Last Modified by" user and date.
The modstamp is coming from the core.picklist_set table which is a hidden table that corresponds to a custom picklist field.
For example, Users that create an inactive picklist value for a field that is involved in a Field Dependency also update the Field Dependency matrix since the inactive picklist value needs to be included in the list of picklist values.
  • Example on how a user can create an inactive picklist value:
  • When a users imports Leads, with a Rating of "hot", instead of "Hot", the value will be added to the list of values, thereby updating the Last Modified by.
  • Apart from Importing, also take Sync-ing into account
It is important to note that the user has not gone into the setup menu to make this modification.
Some other examples of places that could update the picklist_set table are as follows:
  • When the field dependency is modified
  • When the picklist field is modified
  • When a picklist value on a picklist field is modified

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