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Why does my bucket field disappear when a non-English user access it?

Knowledge Article Number 000193312
Description I created some reports with buckets, but if non-English speaker users open the report, the buckets are not visible, they disappear.
Resolution The translated picklist values must be unique in order to get a bucketing working with other languages.

Please check the translated picklist values in your translation workbench, looking also at inactive values by going to:
Setup > Translation Workbench > Translate
Language: Affected language (i.e.: German)
Setup Component: Picklist value
Object: Affected object (i.e.: Opportunity)
Show Inactive Values: flagged

And check if different picklist values are translated with the same value.

In order to gather further details on translation, please check: "Adding and Editing Translated Languages and Translators"

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