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How to Mass Activate User in your Sandbox or production using Data Loader

Knowledge Article Number 000193330
Description There is a quick way to update or activate all users in your Sandbox. Instead of doing it 1 by 1 we can fully use Data Loader to do that.
Resolution Preparing CSV file
1. Using Data Loader
2. Click Export
3. Check the All Salesforce Object
4. Select User
5. Name the CSV File and hit Next
6. On the Query check the following:
  • ID
  • NAME
7. On the "Create the where clauses to your query below" select the following
  • Field = ISACTIVE
  • Operation = Equals
  • Value = False
8. Add condition
9. Select Finish

CSV file should look like this
005b0000000p******test@test.testdevtest testFALSE

10. Modify the CSV file by changing the ISACTIVE to TRUE
005b0000000p******test@test.testdevtest testTRUE

11. Save the file in CSV

Now you are ready to import once you have changed all False to TRUE.

To Mass Update
1. Open Data Loader
2. Select Update
3. Check All Salesforce Objects
4. Choose Users
5. Select the File that you have saved and hit next
6. Click Create or Edit a Map
9. Auto match fields to Columns and hit OK
10. Hit next and for the success and error directory desktop will do
11. Then click Finish

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