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Duplicate entries for objects when creating a custom report type

Knowledge Article Number 000193335

Duplicate entries for objects like Opportunities appear when defining Report Records Set (Step 2) while creating a custom report type.
For Example with Accounts as primary Object and Opportunities as child object. When child object is to be selected, the list includes opportunities listed thrice.


Steps to Reproduce the issue:

  1. Go to Setup || App Setup/Build || Create || Report Types
  2. Click on 'New Custom Report Type' button
  3. Select the Primary Object, e.g. Accounts
  4. Enter the required information on the Step 1 of the Report Type creation wizard and click Next
  5. On step 2, click on 'Click to relate another object' to select a related object
Here an object may be listed more than once like Opportunities, contacts etc.

It happens when an object has various lookup relationship fields and the 'Related List Label' for all those relationship fields are similar. 

For example: On Opportunity object, the user may have created multiple lookup fields(lookup to Account). By default, the 'Related List Label' becomes 'Opportunities' for all the lookup fields created.

When you create a report type on the Parent object (Account), it shows Opportunities listed more than once due to the multiple look up fields.

The resolution is to change the ‘Related List Label’ for these fields to something different, which will then not display this name listed more than once. This in turn will avoid the confusion and we will be able to create a Report Type with the correct child object relationships.


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