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How to redirect to Visualforce page or any other tab after single sign on login?

Knowledge Article Number 000193340
Description Scenario-
Single sign is enabled in the org.
After successful login, it displays the home page.

Is there any way that user can redirect to another page/tab after single sign?
Resolution It is possible to redirect to a different page or tab after a successful SSO login.
This need to be done in IDP. 
1) If you are using SAML 1.1, then you need to specify the URL in startURL parameter. This URL can be absolute, such as OR it can be relative, such as /001/o. 
For e.g.
2) If you are using SAML 2.0, then you need to specify the URL in RelayState parameter to control where users get redirected after a successful login. 
Here's the documentation for related information- 

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