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Record Has Too Many Associations with Other Objects Error when Deleting a Record

Knowledge Article Number 000193409
Description When attempting to delete a record on an object that is associated with a junction object (ie, in a many to many relationship), the error "Record Has Too Many Associations with Other Objects" may be displayed. 

This error indicates that the deletion of the parent record has failed because Salesforce was unable to cascade delete the associated junction records. 

This is an intentional limitation of the cascade delete operation that occurs in a specific situation when there is a Rollup Summary Field on the other parent object connected with the junction object, and the first parent record is associated with more than 200 junction records. 
Resolution Workaround: 

Junction records associated with the first parent record must be manually deleted until the total count of associated junction records is less than or equal to 200.


1. The Position and Candidate objects are in a many-to-many relationship, resulting in a junction object called PC Junction.
2. There is a record for the candidate John Smith, who has applied for 213 positions, and there is a rollup summary field on the Position object.
3. When a system administrator attempts to delete the candidate record for John Smith, she receives the error message "Record Has Too Many Associations with Other Objects".
4. The system administrator must manually delete at least 13 junction records associated with John Smith from the PC Junction object before the John Smith position record can be successfully deleted.

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