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How can I find who merged an account?

Knowledge Article Number 000193413
Description If you need to find out who merged an account, you can create an account history report.
Resolution If you have the history tracking enabled for the standard object Account on your organization, you will be able to see who merged an account following the steps below:
  1. Create a new report using the "Account History" report type
  2. Add the filter: Field/Event equals Account Merged
  3. Select edit date equals the date when the account was merged
  4. Include the "Edited by" field, that will show you the name of the user that performed the merging
For further information please review the article:  Tracking Field History for Standard Objects


This information is also reflected in the Related List of Account History if the Field History Tracking is enabled on Account object. The related list will give the information as to who merged the account with the date and time.

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