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How can I change my Email Template Letterhead?

Knowledge Article Number 000193418
Description How to change the letterhead on HTML Email Templates

Sometimes, companies change their logo for various reasons , the letterhead on the HTML email templates must be updated.  

When editing the letterhead the field might be locked
Resolution Once an email template with letterhead has been created, users cannot select a different letterhead. If you need a different letterhead for your template, you will have to edit the letterhead by following the click path below and swap the new logo for the old one.

Setup | Communication Templates | Letterheads | (Select your Letterhead by clicking on the label) | Edit Letterhead | Select Logo | (Click the right one from your Images from your Documents) | Save

Now every email template that has this specific letterhead will reflect your new Logo.  

For example: I have 300 email templates with the same letterhead they all will now have the new logo.

Note: If you have a few letterheads that have the same logo on it you will need to repeat the steps above.  Also be sure that your new logo has been saved in the Document Object, it is a PNG or JPG, and the Externally Available Image check box is checked.

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