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Realtime data call structure in Radian6 v1 API

Knowledge Article Number 000193476
Description Steps on how to use a realtime data call through Radian6 v1 API by recent hours or date range.
Resolution Radian6 API documentation reference here

To receive your topic profile realtime data through Radian6 v1 API, use the sample API call below:{recentXhours}/{topics}/{mediatypes}/{pageIndex}/{pageSize}

{recentXhours} - the last X hours you would like to return data (eg: 24 hours)

{topics} - Your Radian6 Topic profile ID

{mediatypes} - Your selected Radian6 Media type IDs from your topic profile configuration. To lookup these Media type Ids, please refer to the following section in the API documentation

{pageIndex} - Specifies which page of data to return. This can only start at page 1 or higher

{pageSize} - Number of posts to return to the specified pageIndex. This can be from 1-1000 posts per page.

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