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Prepare A Mobile App For Advertising

Knowledge Article Number 000193511
Resolution If you would like to set up a mobile app ad, the mobile app first needs to be registered with Facebook.  The information on how to do this can be found by clicking here.

You need to ensure that you complete the details under the heading Register Your App.

Once this has been done, your mobile app can be synced into Advertising Studio Campaigns like any other Facebook Page/ Event etc.  This will happen automatically when Advertising Studio Campaigns syncs with Facebook every 20 minutes.  However you can speed this up by manually syncing your account.  Just click on Administration | Facebook Accounts | the Facebook Account ID | Synchronize.

Note: In Facebook self-serve, it is possible to create a mobile app install ad with just a URL, but via the Ads API it is not.  In order to upload campaigns on scale through Advertising Studio Campaigns or any other PMD, you must take the steps outlined in the Facebook link above.


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