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Salesforce1 - Visualforce Publisher Action not visible to all users

Knowledge Article Number 000193524
Description I created a Publisher action that uses a Visualforce page. I am the Admin and able to see it in Salesforce1 but no other users see the new Action.

I've confirmed that the Publisher Action is available on the Page Layout this User is viewing.
Resolution This issue is likely caused by other Profiles not having access to the Visualforce page and/or a related Apex Class.

To verify permissions, go to Setup | Manage Users | Profiles. Then open the User Profile having the issue. Click on "Visualforce Page Access" and verify that the Profile has access to the Visualforce page being used. If it is not listed, click the Edit button and add the required Page.

If your Visualforce page uses an Apex Class, repeat these steps for "Apex Class Access".

Once this is done, test and confirm the Publisher Action is now visible to the User.

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