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Match production and sandbox licenses without a sandbox refresh

Knowledge Article Number 000193571

The easiest way to match production and sandbox license counts is to refresh the sandbox. If refreshing your sandbox isn't an option, here's another strategy to consider:


If you can't refresh your sandbox for any reason, you may be able to use the Match Production Licenses to Sandbox without a Refresh feature which matches all provisioned licenses, limits, and features currently present on the production organization, including storage limits.

Before you use the "Match Production" feature

  • Don't use the license match tool if the sandbox's related production environment is in trial or demo status as it can cause destructive changes that require refreshing the environment in order to correct. If you are unsure whether the sandbox's production org is in active status, please log a case with Salesforce Support to confirm before using the tool.
  • All provisioned changes from production would be matched, including any license and limit decreases or feature removals as well as increases.

Other considerations

1. If your sandbox's related production environment is in a status other than Active or you're unable to leverage the license match tool because your sandbox and production instances are on different release for example, then the license count may be manually updated in most circumstances by logging a case with Support.

2. The "Match Production Licenses" button will not be available on a sandbox if its production organization is running a different release version than the sandbox, such as during the Sandbox Preview period. In most cases, license types may be manually matched by Salesforce Support as described above.

3. Manual matching of licenses does not apply to activating feature differences between sandbox and production. Some licenses rely on corresponding org features to also be enabled when they are provisioned.  If the license's required features are present and on in sandbox then Support can typically add and match license counts but this may not be scenario for all license types.

4. If you are unsure whether a particular license may require org features or whether they're currently enabled in your sandbox, Support can help to identify whether particular license types may eligible for manual matching. If it's determined that Support is unable to manually match a particular licenses count, then there are two options:

A) Refresh the sandbox.

Caution: If the sandbox is on a release preview when refreshed, the new sandbox org will no longer be on the preview.

B) Wait until both organizations are on the same release version.

Consult Salesforce Trust to determine when your org's production instance will be upgraded to the newest release version.

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