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Replication API for Data Replication

Knowledge Article Number 000193598

This API supports data replication, which allows you to store and maintain a local, separate copy of your organization’s pertinent Salesforce data for specialized uses, such as data warehousing, data mining, custom reporting, analytics, and integration with other applications.

Data replication provides you with local control and the ability to run large or ad hoc analytical queries across the entire data set without transmitting all that data across the network.


The Replication API is the most reliable method for data replication. It includes two functions,getUpdated and getDeleted; the former describes newly created and updated records, while the latter indicates records that have been deleted.
You can use this API to accurately replicate data in your remote system without worrying about determining specific queries. Once you have a list of ID values, you can use retrieve 
to quickly export the data in batches of up to 2000 records.

The replication API has a specific advantage that it is designed to make sure you can't miss records and won't retrieve duplicates, both of which are possible when directly querying based on CreatedDate/LastModifiedDate fields (because of in-flight transactions that won't appear in queries until they are fully committed)

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