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When Creating Report on Task and Events the "Activity Type" field returns blank value

Knowledge Article Number 000193639
Description When creating a report using Standard Task and Events report type, Activity Type column shows blank value.
Resolution Activity Type column in Task and Events report is getting its data from the 'TYPE' field in our Standard Object - Activities. By default Activity Type field's Field Level Security is set to Hidden. To correct this please perform the follow steps : 
  1. To make this field accessible we need to go to > Setup | App Setup | Customize | Activities | Task Fields 
  2. Click on field label 'Type' 
  3. Click on 'Set Field-Level Security' Button 
  4. Set visibility to your preference > save 
  5. On the left hand pane click 'Task Page Layouts' 
  6. Edit Task Layout and make sure 'Type' is included in your current layout 
  7. Save changes

Once the field is added to the page layout, modify the activities to include value in this field. Now when you refresh the report, you will see values within the report.

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