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How to point Connect Offline to Sandbox?

Knowledge Article Number 000193644
Description Whenever I'm logging in to Connect for Offline using Sandbox Credentials, I'm getting an error message "An internal server error has occurred while processing your request. Url:

The article describes steps involved in order to be able to log into Sandbox using Connect Offline
Resolution 1. Install Connect Offline according to this article.

2. Go to registry editor:

For Windows XP machines go to: Start | Run | type in "regedit" | OK

For Windows XP/7/8 machines go to: Start | type in "regedit" in search bar | press Enter

3. Go to the following directory:

Change values for below
  • DBRetUrl
  • ServerUrl
to the following:"
 (the API version /13.0 is updated with every release)

NOTE: If you have custom domain and your logging in URL is different replace "" with appropriate entry.

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5. Run Connect Offline from your desktop.

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