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Unable to inactivate a user

Knowledge Article Number 000193654
Description Unable to inactive an user. Error seen after removing the "Active" checkbox and saving the record is
"Cannot inactivate user that is the value of a hierarchy field:{Fieldname}"
Resolution Resolution:

This happens if the User Object has a custom field that has "Hierarchy as the data type"

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Create a custom field on user object
  2. Use the "Hierarchy" Data type
  3. Populate one of the active users name - Example USER A in another active users (example USER B) custom field that you just created
  4. Now try to inactive User A
  5. You would encounter the error that says "Cannot inactivate user that is the value of a hierarchy field: 'Custom Field Name' "

Steps to correct
  1. Click on Set up
  2. Administer >> Manage users >> Users
  3. Check the Hierarchy field for every user (This is the field with datatype as Hierarchy in user object
  4. Remove affected user name from every other users Hierarchy field
Please note - Removing the value from these field is at the discretion of the administrator of the particular org

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