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Entitlement Reports does not have the Status

Knowledge Article Number 000193656
Description The Entitlement Object has a standard field called "Status". However, you may notice that this field is not available in Reports.
Resolution Follow the steps below as a workaround:

Create a custom field:
  1. Setup | Customize | Entitlements | Fields | New | Select "Formula" as the Data Type
  2. Use this formula -  IF( ISBLANK(StartDate), 'Inactive', IF(TODAY() < StartDate, 'Inactive', IF ( ISBLANK( EndDate), 'Active', IF(TODAY() <= EndDate, 'Active', 'Expired'))))
  3. Hide this custom field in your Entitlement Page Layout. Make it visible only to those profile which requires to see this field at field level security
  4. This custom field will reproduce the Status field's value and will be available in Standard Entitlement Reports. If you created a Custom Report Type with Entitlements, you have to manually edit the Report Type to add the custom field so it can be available on your report

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