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Send to Salesforce action doesn't appear in a Social Hub rule

Knowledge Article Number 000193748
The Send to Salesforce action sends social posts from your social account or Topic Profile to your Salesforce Organization using a Social Hub rule. There are a few reasons why the Send to Salesforce action won't appear when you create a new rule.
If the Send to Salesforce action is not appearing in the action list for your rule, ensure that:
  • Your Salesforce Organization ID is configured in Social HubSee the steps for updating your Organization ID that's connected to a rule. 
  • The Data Source used in your rule has either Radian6 for Salesforce or Social Customer Service selected as the "Salesforce Connection Type." If one of these types are not selected, update the Salesforce Connection Type. Once saved, Send to Salesforce appears in your rule. 


Update your Salesforce connection type 

1. Log in to Social Hub.
2. Click Data Sources.
3. Locate the Data Source that's used in your rule.
4. Click the pencil icon Pencil icon to edit Social Hub data source next to your Data Source to edit it.
-Clicking the pencil opens "Edit Data Source" to show its existing configuration.
5. Under "Salesforce Connection Type," click Radian6 for Salesforce or Social Customer Service.
6. Click Save

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