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Posts Failed to Send in Publish

Knowledge Article Number 000193756

The authors of Failed Posts are sent an email from Social Studio to alert them that the post failed to publish to the social network (eg: Facebook, Twitter, etc). Posts that you Create, Schedule and Publish from Social Studio, but that fail to publish, show in the Publish calendar with a red bar at the top of the post.

Possible reasons your post failed to send

The Social Account is no longer connected or was removed in Social Studio under Your Name | Admin | Social Accounts
Reconnect the Social Account before you try to send the post again. If removed, add the social account and then to the workspace(s)
Post fails to publish when including Media uploads such as images, videos
Before publishing, review and follow the guidelines for uploading Images and Videos in the Social Studio documentation
Facebook page still shows as connected in Social Studio, but still results in failed posts
Login to the Facebook account on and verify it is the admin of the page who registered in Social Studio OR the previous Facebook admin user was removed as a page admin role
Linkedin Failed post error: "Publishing Error: Social network has applied rate limiting"
You have exceeded the 20 posts/per day limit to publish under the same Linkedin admin user. Reduce the number of published daily posts across all Linkedin pages or register the Linkedin pages in Social Studio under different Linkedin admin users
Duplicate Tweets are sent. See Twitter Help Center: I'm seeing an error message after posting a Tweet for more information.
Modify the duplicate Tweet to be unique before you try to send the Tweet again.

Your Twitter account has reached its daily Tweet limit.
You attempted to send a Direct Message to someone on Twitter that you are not following or does not follow you.
Follow the Twitter user and then try to send the Direct Message again.


Identify that a post has failed to send

1. Login to Social Studio
2. Select the Workspace where the post was originated
3. Go to the Publish section
4. Posts that appear in red on the calendar failed to publish
5. Click the post in the calendar to view its content and as well the failed post message in the
Post Details panel

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