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Read-only custom fields lose their value when cloning a Record

Knowledge Article Number 000193776
When you clone a Record, custom fields that are Read-only for the user cloning, will lose their value when the new record is created. For example:
  • You have a record that contains a read-only text field, and its value is "Test"
  • A user that does not have "edit" access to this field, clones the record.
  • When the new record is created, the read-only field is blank

This is currently working as designed, since read-only fields are not sent to the server when a case is cloned. This doesn't affect admins since they have the "Edit Read-Only fields" or users who have edit access via Field Level Security and Pagelayout Setting.

Note: This does not affect Standard fields on the case like the Account or Contact lookup field. 

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