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Facebook Pixel Conversions are not recorded in Advertising Studio Campaigns

Knowledge Article Number 000193795
There are no Facebook Pixel Conversions recorded for a Campaign or Ad Set in Advertising Studio Campaigns.

To resolve the issue, ensure you're looking at the correct stats and verify that your pixel is implemented correctly, outlined below. 

Ensure you are looking at the correct stats

Before checking the implementation of your Facebook pixels, confirm that you have the conversion stats you're looking for within view. You may need to choose the conversion stat from the column picker to bring it into view. Depending on how you labelled your Facebook Conversion Pixel, your stat can be labelled as any one of the following:

  • Add to cart
  • Lead 
  • Registration
  • Checkout
  • Key page view
  • Other

Verify your pixel implementation 

You can check that your Facebook pixel is implemented correctly by checking the status of the pixel. In Advertising Studio Campaigns, click into the Tracking tab to check the status of the Facebook Conversion Pixel(s).  There are four statuses the pixel can hold:
  • Active - People have viewed the page that contain this pixel in the past 24 hours.
  • Inactive - No one has viewed the page that contain this pixel in the past 24 hours.
  • Unverified - The pixel may not be installed or configured properly because there are no reports of people viewing the page.
  • Deleted - The pixel has been deleted on Facebook.

If the pixel is Active or Inactive, the pixel has been fired and was working at some point. You won't see any conversions for your Campaign if no conversions have been generated by your Ads yet and you may need your Campaign to run for longer. Check within Facebook directly to see if conversions have not been counted there either. If you're still concerned about not seeing any Conversions, contact Facebook directly for further troubleshooting.

If the pixel is unverified, the pixel has never fired so you're unable to clarify if it's ever been working. You can test the pixel implementation by using a Chrome browser extension called "Facebook pixel helper." Follow the instructions Facebook provides to test your unverified pixel. 


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