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Email Service Provider DMARC Policy Change: SPAM Preventative Measures

Knowledge Article Number 000193813
Description *Note: The details below utilize as an example; however other Email Service Providers including but not limited to, have adjusted their policies around DMARC.* DMARC Policy Enhancement:

As of April 8, 2014, Yahoo has applied a stricter email validation policy in an attempt to prevent spam and other types of malicious phishing scams.  Yahoo's DMARC policy is currently advising email service providers to reject emails from addresses that do not originate from Yahoo's mail servers.  In essence, Yahoo is preventing email service providers who use a address as the FROM value to send messages to email providers that are DMARC compliant.   

What this means for Users: delivers emails with a User defined FROM email address, but the mail originates from mail servers.  If a Salesforce User record is configured to deliver emails with a FROM address of, and the recipient of the email is DMARC compliant, the email will be rejected.  Currently, the mail infrastructure has no method to circumvent the policy set forth by Yahoo. is looking into options to mitigate the policy change.

Potential Alternatives:

As there is no workaround available in due to the restrictions deployed by Yahoo, one option would be to register a domain with mail account services that the organization owns and controls.  The newly generated email addresses can be re-registered with the Salesforce User record.

For Organizations that own their domain, options to mitigate:

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