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Salesforce Files Sync Installation FAQ?

Knowledge Article Number 000193833
What is Salesforce Files Sync?
- Allows users to Upload, Store, Find, Follow, Share, Sync, and Collaborate on Salesforce files in the cloud.
- With Salesforce Files Sync, files are accessible from anywhere and always updated to the most recent version.
- Relevant information is always front and center, accelerating productivity while increasing discovery and reuse of valuable assets and data.
- For a video tutorial see  Salesforce Files Sync

- Link to Current System Requirements
- Link to Supported Editions and Licenses
- Link to File Names and Extensions that Prevent Syncing


How do I enable it?

In Salesforce Classic view:

Login to your org with administrative credentials and click on Setup on top and enter Salesforce Files  in the Quick Find / Search... box on the top left search for

Salesforce files sync how to enable click path small in Classic view
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- Under Settings, click on General Settings.

In Lightning Experience UI
- Click on General Settings.

Salesforce files sync how to enable click path
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- At the bottom of the Salesforce Files Sync Settings page, click Edit.
- Select Enable Files Sync.
- Click Save

You can also check he box for "
Files uploaded to the Attachments related list on records are uploaded as Salesforce Files, not as attachments

By default, Salesforce Files are available in files home for users to share and manage. By contrast an attachment to a record is available only from the record. Uploading a file as a Salesforce File instead of an attachment does not change access to the file. It just makes the file available to share and manage beyond the specific record. This setting applies to Salesforce Classic only.

Where does the Program install to on Windows?
%Appdata%\Salesforce Files\bin
Where does the Program install to on Mac
What permissions are needed for users to use the Salesforce Files Sync client?
What user permission need enabling in Setup ?
In user profile - Sync files
In Salesforce Files | Settings | Salesforce Files Sync - Enable Files Sync 

What are some of the limits around Salesforce Files Sync?
Refer to Help and Training for more information on Salesforce Files Storage Limits
  • Files + Folders = 2000
  • Folders = 500
  • File path = 255 chars (e.g. C:\<user>..)
  • Per file size = 500 MB

NOTE: creating folders in the online app is not yet supported. However you can create the folders on your desktop and sync them into Salesforce.
Where are the logs files located on Windows?
%AppData%\Salesforce Files\Logs
Where are the logs files located on MAC?
MAC: ~\Library\Logs\DiagnosticReports

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