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Profile is not available while creating a second sharing set in Community settings

Knowledge Article Number 000193861
Description While creating a sharing set on Community Settings, we do not see one of the Profiles under Available Options. The same profile is added to another sharing set on the Community Settings.
Resolution Sharing sets are used in Community settings to provide object level access to community users based on their profiles.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Developer Org. If you do not have one sign up using this link
  2. Create a community. Follow this documentation
  3. Once Community is created then create a sharing set
  4. Add any of the community profile to this sharing set
  5. Create another sharing set
  6. Now try adding the profile and you will find that the profile which was earlier used in the other sharing set is not available
So one profile can only be used once in any of the available sharing sets. A profile cannot be used in multiple sharing sets.

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