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Receiving "Insufficient Privileges" when trying to edit a page

Knowledge Article Number 000193879
When you are developing a Community or site, and double click on the page, sometimes the Studio initially loads the page, then loads the "Insufficient Privileges" error page. 
This error will prevent you from editing your page. 
This error is thrown because a site component is trying to reference data that no longer exists in the Org, or referencing data that you, as the user editing the page, do not have access to. 
For example: If a Group Feed widget is included on the page and the Group Id under the properties panel refers to a record no longer exists. 

You can view the request in your browser's network debugger. When you load the Studio, you will see an HTTP Error code. 
The details of this HTTP request will tell you what widget or ID is causing the page to fail to load. 

Once you have identified the problematic ID, reload the page, and hit the 'Escape' key right after the page is loaded, to prevent the bad HTTP request from being made. 
Another option is to use an HTTP analysis tool such as Fiddler to send an automatic HTTP 200 response for any requests for this component. 

Once the Studio page is loaded, you will be able to edit the widget and remove the deleted ID from the widget's property settings. 


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