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Radian6 - API - Configuring Start and End Dates

Knowledge Article Number 000193880
Description How do I configure my API Call to use a date range with a start date and end date instead of recent X hours?
Resolution To call the Radian6 API for post data during a specific data range, use the Get Data by Range call. When configuring your date range, ensure that your:
  • Dates are entered in epoch milliseconds.
​You can use an epoch converter to convert dates to epoch time.
  • Start date is within the range of historical data available for your Topic Profiles. 
Topic Profiles have 30 days of data prior to their created date available by default. You may have additional historical data if you requested to have it extended on your Topic Profile.
  • End date is not in the future.
  • Date range is less than or equal to 90 days.

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