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How do I enable the Announcements for my Chatter Publisher Actions?

Knowledge Article Number 000193903
Description We are curious why we don't have the Announcement Publisher Action on our Chatter Groups?  

We have checked both our Public and Private Groups but it is not there.  Also we have confirmed that we have enabled our Publisher Actions and double checked our Publisher Layout for the Announcement
Resolution Announcements is available in: GroupProfessionalEnterprisePerformanceUnlimitedContact Manager, and Developer Editions

The reason Announcement is not available is it does need to be activated first and it takes a different path 
In order to Enable the Announcement Publisher Action you will need to follow the click path below:

Setup| Customize| Chatter | Groups | Group Layouts |    Here you will either need to select an existing Group Layout or create a New Group Layout. |

(Click on the blue words in the following statement) 
The publisher actions are currently inherited from the global publisher layout. You can override the global publisher layout to set a customized list of actions for this layout.

Now Announcement is available to be added as an action to your Group Page Layout(s).

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