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Source Group Formats in Social Studio

Knowledge Article Number 000193916
Learn the correct Source Group formats for popular Sources in Social Studio or Radian6 and if they pull from content already stored or start to pull in content after using the Source Group.

                                                   Source Group Format Chart



'Include All' Source Group collects everything from already stored data

'Include All' Source Group ensures we start collecting everything from that Source

URL Format to be used

TwitterYesYes<username>.rss  OR<username>.atom

Example: If Twitter account URL is:, the Source Filter URL would be:

Preferred Format:<PageName>/<PageID>

Alternate Formats:<PageName>-<PageID><PageID>

Example: For the Marketing Cloud Facebook Page:
Page Name: Marketing Cloud
Page ID: 40373497138

Acceptable formats:

You can either get the Profile/Page ID using the Explorer Graph or this 3rd party app works well to find the ID. To find the ID using the Graph Explorer:

1. Click Get Access Token.
2. Leave all boxes unchecked and click Get Access Token.
3. Under Graph API, choose GET from the drop down menu.
4. Enter [pagename]?fields=id,name

Use the page name or Facebook username as it appears at the end of the Facebook URL. For example: enter marketingcloud?fields=id,name

5. Click Submit

The Page ID is listed in the response. For [pagename]?fields=id,name the ID is 40373497138 as indicated in the response: 

{ "id": "40373497138", "name": "Salesforce Marketing Cloud"}

Sina WeiboYesYes where ‘2570336162’ is the author’s unique id available from
Tencent WeiboYesYes where ‘frankfenn’ is the author’s unique id available from
URL format varies by site
The feed URL.  Depends on the site, but typically contains “RSS” or “atom” or “feed(s)”
The feed URL.  Depends on the site, but typically contains “RSS” or “atom” or “feed(s)”
Aggregators     YesYes**
The feed URL.  Depends on the site, but typically contains “RSS” or “atom” or “feed(s)”
YouTubeYesYes where ‘authorid’ is the ID (long character string) of the YouTube profile.

For example:
YouTube Page:

YouTube Source Filter:
InstagramYesNo<tagname>/feed/recent.rss where <tagname> is the hashtag
PinterestYesNo<PinterestID>/feed.rss where <PinterestID> is the individual's Pinterest ID

*Facebook API changed in October 2015, following this change third parties are no longer able to search Facebook's public data by keyword. The only way content published on Facebook after 10/31/2015 can be retrieved is if that page has been added to the system via Source Group.

**Because of the nature of content delivery mechanisms involved, we may miss some content for very active sites. Please note that this is a general limitation with these channels and it’s not related to source group usage. In case of forums, please make sure the forum you're creating the Source Group for is already covered by creating widgets in a Dashboard or contacting Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support.

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