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Why is my data usage showing 100%?

Knowledge Article Number 000193921
Description I have been looking at my Storage Usage and I have clicked on my self as I am a "Top Users by Data Storage Usage" and "Top Users by File Storage Usage".  When looking at my Documents it is a very high percent and I am afraid we will need to buy some new storage soon.  What should I do?
Resolution Great news when you are looking at your particular Storage Usage for both Data and Files the Percent will always be equal 100%

After you look at a few other of your Users you will see that on all of their pages their percent's equal 100% too.

Where you need to keep your eye on your storage is on the Storage Usage splash page.  To get there follow this click path: Setup |  Data Management | Storage Usage

At the top of the page you will see what your org's Limit is, what you have Used, and the Percent Used.  This is one of the best places in your org to pay attention to your company's Storage Usage.

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