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"Include Untargeted" Audience option in Campaign Builder

Knowledge Article Number 000193946
There's an option in the Campaign Builder, under the Audience tab, called "Include Untargeted." This allows you to segment target types to compare and contrast. Learn more below. 

When you select the "Include Untargeted" checkbox below a targeting field, an additional segment is created which won't use targeting for that particular targeting type. ​The option is available to check when targeting the following:
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Sexuality
  • Relationship status
  • Education
  • Language
  • Workplace
  • Interests
  • Interest clusters.

Here are two examples of what happens when you select the "Include Untargeted" option:
  • If you target an Interest Cluster, you could then also select the 'Include Untargeted" option beneath. This will create another segment which won't include Interest Cluster targeting.  This option allows you to compare an interest targeted segment against a segment targeting no interest to see which drives the best performance. Implementing this sort of segmentation allows you to test whether applying precise or broad targeting will drive better results.   
  • In the case of age targeting, selecting "Include Untargeted' will target the full age range of 13-65. Therefore, if you create an age block targeting 20-24 and then select the "Include Untargeted," you'll create two age segments; one targeting 20-24 and the other targeting 13-65. 

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