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LiveAgent Chat Button error :- HTTP ERROR: 500 (This is not a JSON Array)

Knowledge Article Number 000193951
Description We get the following error when we hit the Live Agent button. Button may work on some part of the site but may cause an issue on other parts.

Error : HTTP ERROR: 500 . Problem accessing /content/s/prechatVisitor. Reason: This is not a JSON Array. 

Resolution This issue can be fixed by adding the following code to the website where you have a live agent button, the code needs to be placed somewhere above/before the liveagent.init call. 


<script type="text/javascript> 
delete Array.prototype.toJSON; 

You may have some code included on your page (an old version of the prototype library) that includes an invalid implementation of toJSON and places it on all objects. The implementation is invalid according to ECMA-262, and it prevents Live Agent from working properly. If you aren't up for bringing the page into compliance with the standard, there is a workaround (Stated above) if you don't need prototype's JSON features.

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