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Change User Roles in Social Studio

Knowledge Article Number 000193954
Your User role can be changed by an active Super User in your Organization. 

Find a Super User

1. Log in to Social Studio.
2. Go to Your Name | Admin | Users.
3. Under Roles find the users with "Super User" listed.
(Click Role to sort the user list by User role. The Super User's status (active or disabled), display name, username, and email address is also listed.)


Update a User Role

To update an existing role, follow these steps:

1. Click the Admin tab.
2. Click Account Settings.
3. Click Roles. (The Roles workspace opens.) 
4. Click the role name that you want to update. (The Role properties and permissions workspace opens.)
5. Make changes as necessary.
6. Click Save to return to the Roles workspace.


Want to delete, assign, or create a new User role? Review our documentation on the topic for more instructions. 

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