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Entitlement Name field is not available in Case Standard Report Type

Knowledge Article Number 000193961
Description "Entitlement Name" field is not available within standard Case report type.
Resolution Workaround 1:
  1. Ensure Entitlement Management is enabled in the org
  2. Ensure the Entitlement name field is visible for appropriate profile and appropriate case Layout. This is done by setting Field Level Security on the "Entitlement Name" field in Case Object
  3. Once done Create a Custom Report Type with Case as primary object

Now build a report on this report type and you will find entitlement name is available to drag and drop

Workaround 2:
  1. Other way is to have a custom field (data type formula, return type Text) created in the case object
  2. Then do a simple formula "New Field = Entitlement.Name"
  3. Include this field in the custom report type

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