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Pilot Programs FAQ

Knowledge Article Number 000194014
Description Am I guaranteed participation in a pilot program?

No, each request is reviewed individually. Each pilot has a separate set of requirements and may require experience with an existing feature. Some pilot programs also have a limited number of seats.

How long does the process take to join a pilot program?

Timelines will vary depending on which pilot and the volume at the time you are nominated. Due to the amount of review required for each organization, we cannot guarantee when these features will be activated.

When a feature moves from pilot status to generally available, will it behave exactly the same?

Maybe, but not always. We use feedback gathered during the pilot stage to decide whether to reject, modify or move the pilot into production.

I've already been nominated for a pilot program. Where can I get status updates?

Your account team can provide status updates on your pilot nomination.

I've been accepted to a pilot program. What do I do next?

You will receive a non-GA agreement that must be signed and returned before the feature can be enabled in your organization.

I am already using a pilot feature, who should I contact with technical questions?

Because pilot features are fluid and always subject to change, they are not supported until they become generally available.

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