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How is the domain of an invited Chatter customer's username determined?

Knowledge Article Number 000194018
Description When inviting customers to Chatter the username is set automatically by the system, can this be customized?
Resolution It is not possible to customize or change how usernames are generated when a user is created from a chatter invitation.

The username that is generated is based upon both the invitee's email address and the inviting user's email address on their user record.

The format is <username>@guest.<> where <username> is the first part of the invited user's email address before the @ symbol and <> is the domain of the email address for the user that invited them to chatter at the time the invitee fills out the form linked in the email invitation.

For example, if the inviting user's email address on their user record is and the invited customer's email address is, the resulting customer's username will be automatically set to: when the invitee follows the steps to create their user record.

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