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Admin Request: BULK API Delete

Knowledge Article Number 000194054
Description  Admin Request, Best Practices to plan a BULK API Delete.
As per the Premier Success Plan Datasheet, "Severity 3 and 4 target response times include local business hours only and exclude weekends and holidays."  Admin requests don't typically exceed Severity 3 so team members aren't always staffed to complete new requests during these times.
However with due notice, planning, and arrangement there are exceptional circumstances that warrant the Administration team performing an operation, such as a delete, outside of business hours, over the weekend, or on a holiday. These requests are evaluated and approved in advance on a one off basis.

The prerequisites to engaging Administration Support to perform a Bulk API Hard Delete operation include:
1. Due diligence is mandatory and it's recommended that you test the Bulk delete operation in a sandbox before engaging Administration Support.
Performance depends on the type of data that you're loading as well as any workflow rules and triggers associated with the objects in your batches. It's useful to understand the factors that determine optimal loading time.
Because your data model is unique to your organization, Support can't identify the optimal batch size so you'll need to provide it based on your testing.  Start with 5000 records and adjust the batch size based on processing time. If it takes more than five minutes to process a batch, it may be beneficial to reduce the batch size. If it takes a few seconds, the batch size should be increased. If you get a timeout error when processing a batch, split your batch into smaller batches.
Determine if parallel or serial mode would be best for the delete operation. Processing in parallel can cause database contention. When this is severe, the load may fail. Using serial mode guarantees that batches are processed one at a time. Note that using this option may significantly increase the processing time for a load.
2. Bulk API deletion requests require a backup before they can be completed on your behalf by Administration Support.
Given the data set can be too large to transfer, creating a backup locally with your explicit confirmation that you have said backup of the data targeted for deletion is required.
3. As with any Administration request, Support is unable to create or modify the required delete files on your behalf.
These files must be prepared by you and attached to the case.  It is recommended that you create the CSV files into manageable sizes by zipping them for attachment on the case.
4. Assign the BULK API Hard delete permission to your courtesy Administration licenses that Support will be leveraging to initiate the bulk delete operation.
5. Permission to perform a physical delete operation against the object from which the records are being deleted.
This is required to effectively purge the deleted records from the system to enhance performance.
6. Ensure that your requested deletion job falls within BULK API Limits and that you leave required batches for any other API requests to finish in the 24 hour period.
Support will not be held responsible for the requested delete operation exceeding your Organization's limits.
7. Confirm your understanding of possible search implications associated to bulk data load jobs which includes deletions.
If you have concerns over related record's objects indexing processes let Support know in advance and prepare a list of 5 objects for index prioritization where 1 is the most important.  If necessary, this will allow Support to engage R&D to set objects frequently searched by users to be indexed first.
Once you're testing and the requirements above have been satisfied create a case for Administration Support as far in advance of the proposed deletion date as possible.  The more notice the better but at least a week is recommended if you're looking to have Admin perform the operation over a weekend or holiday.  This will allow time for Support to align an appropriate resource and verify that the prerequisites above have been satisfied.
Provide your confirmation and/or response to the above points in the case description:
1. Was testing performed? Resulting optimal batch size to be used: Should the job be processed in Parallel or Serial mode?
2. You have created a backup of all of the data for deletion via an export or full data export including the target object and/or any related objects.
3. Attach your CSV file(s) for deletion to the case after it's creation via the case's attachments related list.
4. Is the Bulk API Hard delete permission assigned?  What's the running user's Id?
5. Permission to initiate a physical delete against the object where the records are being deleted.
6. Ensured that the requested job falls within the scope of your Organization's limits.
7. You understand search implications and if applicable, provide a list of commonly searched objects.

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