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How Can I Monitor\Measure my API traffic in my Org?

Knowledge Article Number 000194072
Description As an Admin for my company can I report and\or Monitor the amount of API traffic that is currently passing through my Salesforce Org?

Resolution Monitoring API Traffic:
You can monitor the number of API requests generated by your organization in two ways.

1.) Any user can see the number of API requests sent in the last 24 hours. To view the information, from Setup, click Company Profile | Company Information. Look for the “API Requests, Last 24 Hours” field in the right column.
2.) If a user has the “Modify All Data” permission, the user can view a report of the API requests sent for the last seven days.
To view the information, click the Reports tab, scroll to the Administrative Reports section and click the API Usage Last 7 Days link.

Users can sort the report by any of the fields listed in the Summarize Information by: drop-down list.
For more information about sorting, filtering, or customizing reports, see the Salesforce online help for reports.

Please note API is available on Enterprise Edition and Above. For Professional Edition, you can get API access at additional cost. Please reach out to your Account Executive for additional details.

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