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Best Practices for contacting Social Studio Technical Support

Knowledge Article Number 000194085
For faster service, review the below items to include when submitting a case to the Marketing Cloud Support Team via the H&T Portal. This will ensure that we have all the information we require in order to answer your questions effectively. If excluded, Technical Support will reach out to ask for this information. Including this information in your initial email can save time and help us resolve your case faster.

Important: If you're experiencing technical issues with Social Studio functionality, first try troubleshooting some common browser issues for both Mac and PC operating systems. 

Contacting Support

Please include the following when submitting Social Studio cases to Marketing Cloud Support.
  • Specify whether the issue is in Publish, Engage, or Analyze.
  • Username and Account name.
  • Include the name(s) of the workspace that you're experiencing the issue in
  • Screenshot(s) of the issue or error message.
  • A detailed description of expected result.
  • A detailed description of actual result including steps taken.
  • Internet browser used.
  • Date, time, and time zone when you experienced the issue.
  • Topic Profile or Managed Account used (if applicable).
  • Link to the post in Social Studio (if applicable).

To retrieve the post permalink in Social Studio:
1. Click the post in the Publish calendar to open the Post Inspector.
2. Click View this Post.
You are redirected to the post details.
3. Provide the URL to the post details to Support.

Note: View the current system status on our Trust site

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