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Why are not all Related Opportunities and Contacts Transferred During Mass Transfer of Accounts?

Knowledge Article Number 000194098
Description When transferring ownership of Account records, I noticed that certain related Contacts & Opportunities did not transfer along with Accounts. Is this normal?
Resolution This is to be expected. Not all Org are setup such that only the Owner of an Account (Parent Object) can own all the related records (Child Object / Records). 

Org's can have different security settings (For example Sharing Settings and Org Wide Defaults; for more information see 
Securing Data Access). 

This way Users can have access to Parent Objects records (owned by other Users) and still create Child Object Records. 

So, the owner of parent record need not necessarily be the owner of the child records as well.The child record owners will retain ownership of their records even if the Ownership of the Parent Object has been changed.

Please Note: 
This scenario can be used on other Object relationships not just Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.

EXAMPLE: Sales Associate A owns an Account and in that Account they own 6 of the 10 Contacts associated to that Account.  Sales Associate B Owns the other 4 Contacts associated to the Account in question.

Sales Associate A leaves the company and their Account is transferred to Sales Associate C.  Sales Associate C now owns the Account and the 6 Contacts Sales Associate A owned.

Sales Associate B retains ownership of their 4 contacts. 

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