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Why can't I set the default value of the Task Status field to a "closed" value?

Knowledge Article Number 000194118
Description If users attempt to set the default value of the Task Status field to a value that is marked as a "Closed" status they will receive the error message "Error: The default value cannot be a "Closed" status."

Current functionality does not allow a Default Value of the Task Status field to be a "Closed" field value.  This is intended to enforce good data quality.  However, there is a functional work around that can easily be setup to mimic the functionality while still marking the Task as closed.

  1. Create a dummy Closed value and set it as the default value.
    • For example: If you want the default value to be "Closed" then your dummy value could be named as "Completed". The intent of this dummy value is to have your users understand that both the dummy value and the actual closed value mean the same thing.
  2. Create a workflow rule on the Task object with the following Criteria:
    • Task: Status   EQUALS   {Enter Dummy Closed Default Value here}
  3. Add a field update to this workflow rule which update the Task Status to the "Closed" value

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