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Display Order Name instead of Order Number in the 'Related To' field on Tasks

Knowledge Article Number 000194192
Description Can the Related To'  field pertaining to tasks on order object be customized, so that it take the 'Order Name' instead of 'Order Number'

Steps to reproduce:
  • Open an Order Record
  • Go to 'Open Activities' related list
  • Click on 'New Task' button

The task automatically takes the related Order Number in the 'Related To' field.

Resolution The “Related To” field on Tasks, automatically picks up the Record 'Name' field's value example 'Account Name', 'Contact Name' etc. However, for few objects, this field takes the 'Auto-number' field's value like 'Case Number', 'Order number' etc. since the record name is auto number in these objects.

As per the standard functionality of Salesforce, this field cannot be customized. However, once the task record is saved, this field becomes a hyperlink which will take the user to its record detail page so that they can see the details of the record.

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