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Data export files not found under the Data Export page.

Knowledge Article Number 000194226
Description At the end of the export process available under Data Management || Data Export and email is sent to the user.  Sometimes when the user goes to the page to download the files they are no longer there.  The following are the reasons for this.
Resolution 1. 48 business hours have passed, weekends are not counted against this timeframe.
2. A new data export has been requested.

The second is the most common reason for cases with technical support to be logged, if a data export takes close to a week to complete it may finish and a new export requested before users have a chance to view the page and download the files.  Unfortunately there is no way to prevent this process other than to either schedule the exports less frequently or temporarily cancel it if your last request is getting near.  When the new export is requested the old files are deleted and are not recoverable.

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