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Can I mass upload topics in Salesforce?

Knowledge Article Number 000194228
Description Topics can be queried and hard deleted via API (Please see reference: and can be as well mass uploaded either by Data Loader or Workbench - version 28.0 and later. 
  1. Prepare the import file with the columns you'd like to import. To begin, you can use topic name and description. Additionally, you can add NetworkID (if Communities are available in your platform) and TalkingAbout if the topic is involved in past comments and posts. 
  2. Use the Insert function on Data Loader or Workbench (should be version 28.0 and later)
  3. Select Object - Topic
  4. Upload import file (in CSV format) 
  5. Map the fields from Salesforce to the columns in your CSV.
  6. Upon confirming insert, you will get a summary of the import. Data loader would present 2 logs (1 for successess, and 1 for errors), while Workbench will display the logs on a table with status and result. 
Note: As this requires API, the ability to mass import topics is only available for Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited & Developer orgs. It can only be accessible in Professional edition if the API is provisioned or is an add-on

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