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Accessing Salesforce Events in Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000194236
Resolution Weekly View of Salesforce Events

You can get a Weekly view of your Events.  You are now able to see all the Events from a specific day.  Unlike the older view, where you had a single list of Events to scroll through, you can now see all the Events from a specific day, either it be from a previous day, or two days ahead.

See Events from a different day by tapping on a date in the date bar.  Swipe to the left of the date, to see the Calendar for next week.  Swipe to the right, to see the Calendar for the previous week:

User-added image

Note: The date bar ONLY shows Calendar Events up to twelve weeks in the future and four weeks prior.

Events are included in the Navigation Menu by default.  Administrators can customize the location where the Events item gets displayed in the Navigation Menu by going to Setup | Mobile Administration | Mobile Navigation.


It is now possible to create a New Event from within the Events page.

Simple click on the "New" button, located at the bottom of the Events page to create a New Event:


When doing so, it will bring up a new window, as shown below, allowing you to Create a New Event within the Events page.
Note: This Button is linked to the Global Event Action and will have the same record type as the action in the global publisher layout. You will not be prompted to select a record type.


Notes about My Events list:

  • Events list can now show a max. of 20 Events per day
  • Events are sorted by Start Time
  • All-day and multi-day Events are displayed at the top of the list.
  • When browsing the Event list, the Events list doesn't automatically refresh to show New, Edited, or Deleted Events.  You must pull down on the Event list to refresh the Events list for the current day
  • Public and Shared Calendars are presently NOT supported in the Salesforce1 hybrid app

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