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Editing User Profile Details in Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000194253
Description Updating Profile photo and details for user record via Salesforce1 apps.
Users can now update their profile details using the Salesforce1 mobile browser app or the Salesforce1 downloadable app for Android and iOS devices. Update profile details such as name, title, and contact information by tapping the Edit button on the detail page of user records. Users can edit their own profiles. Administrators can edit the profiles of others if they have the proper permissions.
NOTE: Users can’t edit their profile details in the Salesforce1 downloadable app for iOS devices, but the current version of Salesforce1 allows users to change their profile photos. When viewing the user record, tap the photo in the highlights area then tap Edit Profile Photo.

***This also applies to changes to the User Detail Page Layout ( Set up | Customize | Users | Page Layouts | User Detail Page Layout ). You will not see any setup changes to this layout on Salesforce1 downloadable app for iOS devices, as this layout is hardcoded for Salesforce1. Custom fields and Page layout changes will work as expected in the downloadable app for Android and the Mobile Browser applications. 

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